I need help with teleporting

i want to make it so what you use an item< you get teleported to a “safe box” for five seconds, and once five seconds is up, teleport you within a ten block radius of where you left from

if this is too difficult, maybe a random place in the map could also work

or even back to where you teleported from earlier

Checker ------> check passes, teleport to safe box via teleporter.
Player teleported here -------> Wire repeater with a 5 second delay.
When the wire repeater revices a pulse -----> Teleport out of safe box, or use a randomizer teleport.

This is acttualy easy for most of us, but anyways on with the show.

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 Vending Machine
  • 1 Trigger
  • 2 Teleporters
    (That is if the map is small like this)

For the vending machine make it transmit on channel, and you can set the pay to whatever you want. For example, 5 cash. This will make it to where once you buy this you get teleported somewhere.

Next, get the Trigger. Set the (blank) to 5 seconds.


Trigger delay

Make the vending machine wire up to the trigger to once bought to Trigger.

Then get the teleporters. Make one telporter in that space and the other somewhere else. Make the vending machine wire up to the teleporter saying (blank) to (blank)


When bought transmit Telport player here

Then do the same thing with the trigger to the other teleporter, and your done.

Hope this helps.

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thank you so much!vit works

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