I need help with teleporters

How do you make it to only one certain person can go through it

Something like:How to make team specific teleporters - #4 by NavyCatZ

Use a trigger when you teleport
And activate it for a specific person teleporter (player enters) -> trigger -> teleporter (teleport here)
Make sure you don’t use groups for the teleporters
pictures coming soon

also should I put a cookie clicker mini-game in my bedwars map


cello go to the padlet

There should be a choice of which teams can use the teleporter. use spawn pads to set teams.

Make a barrier that is not visible but will desactive d by a relay for a specific team and for each team each triggered by a lifecycle of game start

isn’t there a setting for what team the teleporter is active for?

No. I don’t think there is

i found it in the settings.

and then just set each player on a certain team and then, you’re good.

No it’s where the teleporter teleports to

Yeah just checked. there is no way to specify who can use the teleporter.

this is all of the teleporter settings.
so to answer your question, that’s just not possible (99.9% sure)

but it says this…

just make a teleporter only for a certain team, give all the players their individual team, and then it only works for one player.

But then all the teams would need separate areas since if they didn’t everyone would be able to access all the other teleporters.

I don’t understand… :frowning:

maybe you can use checkers?

connect the teleporter to a checker that checks a property called “teleprop” and when it passes the tele works or smth like that. make a property block for thatproperty and also make a trigger that gives the player who activated it the property when activated. then you just have to find a way to make sure the player always triggers the trigger at the start and yr good.

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you can use a lifecycle to make sure it checks on game start.

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