I need help with tag again

So I’m trying to make bomb tag and I can’t figure out how to

  1. pass an item when someone tags a player
  2. how to make it so that the item holder after 20 seconds “explodes” or get eliminated
  3. after the explosion, a random player gets the item

Use the inventor checker to see who has it and it should start the timer and who ever has it last, well , ko.

I probably should mention that I have a timer with a counter

how would I do that? I understand what I need, but don’t understand how to execute it

well when player taged, give item, and take item, and use the inventory checker so whne the time runs out, who has that item, dies.

I got the tagging done, I think, how would I do the explosion at the end of the time

That you could do like spreak damage? Not sure if its possible.

Try this? How to make an Explosion in Gimkit (🟧)

thanks for the help, I probably should state that I don’t need and effect, I need help with when the timer is up, you respawn as a spectator, and also is there a way to have everybody tag

The tagging didn’t work

Oh… maybe it activates a zone…that will kill everyone

I will post a code in the discord later