I need help with Sorting people into different houses for my Harry Potter world! Please help!

I’m doing a Harry Potter themed world. I don’t know how to sort people into the different houses. Any suggestions? Ty!

How do you want it to work? Do you want it to be random, or they can select?

Would teams work? Or do you want them to be randomly sorted, possibly uneven?

I want it so they can select.

Use team switchers and buttons; each button should activate the team switchers, from teams 2 to 5.

Can you show me how?

Please help me???

Button 1 Pressed -------> switch player to team 2 with team switcher
Button 2 Pressed -------> switch player to team 3 with team switcher

or it could be when you enter a zone

Or using a popup with other popups linking to them. Channels are even easier, because wires are difficult. Other devices include triggers, relays, lifecycles, etc.

I would say a popup would be neater and more selective.

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Wires are really easy for something this simple.

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Popups for choosing things are bad in my opinion.

Overloads with many different choices. Can someone show me how to do all of this stuff, please? I’m new to this and don’t how everything works.

There are hundreds of guides over these topics. You just have to look.
I know there are at least five about team switching. (There shouldn’t be, though.)

Okay, thank you!!!

try this

Try searching up team sorter in the search bar, it will help narrow down the guides to what you need.

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