I need help with my triggers

I deleted one of my triggers on my map and don’t know how to make it work again

also, @Sythic any way I could get back on the doc?

did the trigger have specific code or something?

or is it just not working

I deleted it on accident, It was working, then I miss clicked:/

and I don’t know how to fix it

Only one way. Redo it

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so basically, you just deleted it by accident?

I can’t really help if I dont know what properties the trigger had, do you remember what it triggered?

it trigged you to get money every sec

how would they do that?

I can’t help them with that. They made it once already. No reason I would know how

did the trigger send a signal to the money generator?

Because if It did, that’s a pretty easy fix.

if you deleted the trigger, make another one, and set it to the same settings

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this is what it looked like
Screenshot 2024-05-06 8.51.01 AM

but they don’t know the settings, that’s the problem

cuz I deleted the right one and all the worse disappeared too

whats the issue?

I don’t know man. If you deleted your trigger, maybe place another trigger.

I’m just asking how to make it so the triggers grant you money every second

@lando_1 use this guide, its easy to follow and i have used it so it works.

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real quick, is there a way for you to stop that with a button?