I need help with my map I'm having some troubles

I need to know how to make a barrier only for one team.

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If there is a scope for a barrier use it. If not use the relays to deactivate and activate

Is that possible? Have you tried?

place a barrier and set it to team 1 can walk through.

Yeah, what they said

Here’s how to do that. Set down a barrier and have a lifecycle connected to a relay which activates a barrier.

I want this to only be able to be used by team 1

@WolfTechnology help

@twofoursixeight probably has the best solution

Im here, what can I help you with?

I need to make this be only used for team one.

Place a barrier on the players’ spawn. Set the scope to team. Make the barrier unactivated when the game starts. Connect a lifecycle to a relay set to all players on a specific team. Set Team to any team you would like, then connect it to that team’s barrier to deactivate it. Rinse and repeat by connecting the lifecycle to more relays and the relays to more barriers.

how do you set the scope.

you click on the device and scroll down on the first page, it will say global, you can change it to team, player or global.

There should be a setting called “Scope”

there is, heres a guide on how to now what scope is

now how do i change it to a certain team

That’s an advanced guide for scope.

Not possible, i think idek, youll need a better TL2 or TL3