I need help with my Battle Royale Map

I need to make some sort of trigger contraption in order to teleport everyone somewhere every second but have an overlay able to stop the triggers at any time
I need details on how to create this thing

how do you need help? p you should put details in the post

You might want to try looking for a guide first if you haven’t yet

I tried I don’t think there is a guide for only this

Oh, ok then I can’t really help, sorry

It’s fine

gimme details on what you need

I would assume it is like fortnite Battle bus, (I dont have it but watch youtube on it)

oh i will return with my findings from this expiriment

does this event happen when the game starts??

yes i believe so

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I think I got it, here what is looks like

What needed: x1 life cycle (set to game start), 1 reapter(set to 1 sec interval) (or use trigger loops), 1 relay, 1 overlay (set to button), and as many teleporters u want.

  1. connect life cycle to repeater,

  2. Wire repeater to relay,

  3. Connect relay to each teleporter

to stop it with overlay, get the overlay that is set to button, wire overlay to repeater

that should be it

try it with camera mover @bluebird291

the camera mover, just moves your pov, doesn’t move your character

yea but when you reach your destination just activate a teleporter

Thank you

create a trigger loop:

make it activate on game start using a lifecycle. have the delayed trigger have a 1 second delay. make sure the triggers’ active scope is set to player. then get your overlay and make it a button. wire the overlay to the trigger [button pressed → deactivate trigger]. Then make the overlay visibility scope set to player and go to the overlay’s settings. Make it broadcast on a channel when button pressed and make it receive on that channel to hide the overlay. Now get a line of teleporters going across the whole map. get a counter and a property. wire the one second delay trigger of the trigger loop to the counter [trigger triggered → increment counter]. make the counter update the property you just got. now get a relay set for all players. wire the trigger from the trigger loop to the relay [trigger triggered → trigger relay]. get another trigger and connect it with the relay [relay triggered → trigger trigger]. create a block for this trigger and in the block make this:

broadcast message on channel create text with get property “”[1]

finally, make the teleporters receive on incrementing channels starting with 0.
ex. teleporter 1 receives on channel 1, teleporter 2 receives on channel 2 and do this for every one.

  1. here you will put the name of the property that the counter updates ↩︎

if it’s like a battle bus then that wouldn’t work. also what’s the relay option for your idea? Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping)

thats why i said or use trigger loops

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