I need help with my barrier game

i have made a game where you have to work with your team and destroy a bunch of barriers. but I want some more things to add and more ideas that make my team want to play more…

What is the theme of the game?

like wdym? do you mean the point of the game?

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i mean theres already a shop

Probably like the style, i.e. futuristic, medieval, etc.

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well idk really sadly

I would suggest adding a style, it really gives maps more life



These might help


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you could add things to trick the player and then trap them somewhere

i have lore for sure

how do I make it so it triggers all of the players to teleport somewhere?

(Relay) Relay Trigger —> (Teleporter) Teleport Player Here

Make sure the Relay is set to “All Players” and it has to be Triggered first ending a wire.

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ok ill try that, thanks

What’s the plot of the game?


thanks for the help! i got it to work now.

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To be honest, there is no plot. all I have for now is a game where you gotta destroy barriers to progress. I have minimal lore as of now, but in the future, I hope to change that.

Maybe a game based after the events of One Way Out (crashing into farmchain) or maybe a Pre-One Way Out game? (The soil in farmchain… I think they used chemicals to alter their genes and the plants turned evil)

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I think for now, I might try to add some sort of flashback mechanic mid-game maybe to further explain the lore and why we are here.

You might want to add a plot, since players will lose motivation if they are aimlessly breaking barriers to progress.