I need help with my Atlantis map!

I need help making this game adventurous and daring! I am looking for people who have had experience and good ideas. I want creative and interesting ideas that could help me.I need help with the following:

  • Cool temple and under water city ideas
  • I’m looking for good sea temple vibes
  • A good story line
  • What I have so far for this one is that you are an Atlantis hunter that no one believes and you go on a treacherous path until you find Atlantis. I feel like there should be more but I don’t know what else to add.
  • I don’t know what else to add but I feel like I should add something to make fun, adventurous and daring.

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Look at this for underwater building ideas.

add side quests

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Maybe if you are making an entrance to somewhere, here is something a friend helped me put together:

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Hey @Groovy_Evie! Take a look at @The_7th_Dragon’s guide below if you need a sea-based game! Thanks.


Thank you so much for the great ideas! I will definitely be using them in my build! I am also going to dedicate it to all of you who gave me great ideas!


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You could add a speed modifier when players are underwater and a blue barrier on the top layer with no collision to add the illusion that the players are actually underwater.

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