I Need Help With Dice

I am trying to make a monopoly, but I don’t know how to make dice that are rolled from team 1 to team 2 to team 3… all the way to team 8. Please and thx!


Here. Make the button deactivate on start, and then a team-id checker by modifying this guide. You should be able to have the button activate when it’s the team’s turn, and then deactivate when they roll the die.

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Wait, but that only does part of it. It only shows the dice and what the player got. Not how to make a player go, then another…

just use

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When player 1 is done, broadcast on channel 2roll. When player 2 is done, broadcast on channel 3roll. Keep going until Player 8 is done, at which point you should broadcast on channel 1roll. You could do this in block code by adding one to a property then checking if it’s less than 9. If it is, broadcast on a channel made with the property and roll. If not, broadcast on channel 1roll.

Here, just go into blocks and set a random integer 1-6 and that’s the basics!

Use a text device and add a dice emoji. enlargen it, and place it. add a button that only team 1 can press. when the button is pressed, it will broadcast channel “roll.” make a trigger, go to blocks, and make a randomizer system. you can do this by making a random integer, and make it broadcast the result after the random integer is picked. repeat this process for the other teams.

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