I need help with connect 4

So here’s the setup:

the properties are true/false, and the trigger code is this but with the row numbers switched out.
Ex: Sq1r1 for one trigger, Sq1r3 for another.

I need a way for a red barrier to show when team one presses the button, (when button pressed, trigger trggers.), and a yellow one to show when team 2 presses it. When a property is updates, it broadcasts on a channel named after it. Ex: property Sq3r4 broadcasts on Sq3r4 when the property changes. Sq stands for square and r stands for row, so Sq3r4 is square 3 row four. The top is Sq1, and the bottom is Sq6. I already asked this somewhere else but I still couldn’t figure this out.

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Here is what I did for connect for with @Demon
Each text object, when receiving on channel “setpixle” would check to see if its x and y were equal to the pixel being set. If so, it would set itself, otherwise not.

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how does this pertain to team filtering?

BRO THIS WAS MY IDEA LOL! I actullay thought about making a Connect 4 map

Idea: what if you have a person press a button what row they want to place it in. Then, have if/else if blocks check if the bottom one on that row is avaibliable, then the second from the bottom, so on until one checks out, in the case where you mark one of the square properties true, and have a barrier light up in the oppropriate color.

well I have all of that except for the appropriate color part. I can’t find a way to make it change a different color for each team. it just activates both colors.


Broadcast message on channel - Triggering players team number 

When receiving 1, yellow, when receiving 2, red. Something around those lines.