I need help with channels and knowing how to program stuff

I want to make it so that when someone steps on a pressure plate it will activate a bunch of sentrys but it will not work

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Place a trigger that has player collision on.

Do, this:

When triggered, broadcast message on channel “trap”

Make the sentries activate when receiving channel “trap”.

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ill try it thank you

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If it works, mark my answer as a solution :smile:.

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one more question is it possible to make it so that when someone goes into the trap that it locks them in the room till all the sentrys are defeated?

Yes, place barriers on all sides of the room, and when they step over the trigger, activate them all (the barriers should be deactivated on game start).

Add barriers to activate when the trigger is triggered then deactivate it when all of them are defeated using a counter.

is it possible to invite one of you guys to it and then you can do it because I’m struggling sadly

do it here: https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing/group/code-sharing/discussion

beware of griefers, so you might want to pm us the code in the wixsite

i am confused ive never been to that site what do I do sorry about this

don’t know a lot so yea sorry

hello anyone there anymore?

Yes, its just like the Forum create and account and chat/ have fun.

im sorry but i am so confused

Ok, tell me how you are lost.

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