I Need Help With A Way To Move The Sentry

Help Me Find A Way To Move Sentry

You Cannot Do That It Not even Possible anymore

Also Do You Mean In-Game?

Oh…ummmm ok


Unless you don’t want it to carry health, then it is impossible. However, if you are not using gadgets, then you can use a property and turing stuff.

I never knew that at all

Nope Not at all even though we are talking about gimkit the game nope

Got it just got coufused

Please Tell me what carry health means

If the sentry moves, and the damage dealt stays dealt. Not it moving and fully regenerating, that is possible.

so if i dont want to deal damage to the bots it should work?

Umm, well, what are the sentries for? If you don’t need to deal damage, then you can just activate and deactivate sentries across the map.

Teach me your ways @Here_to_help

That… didn’t answer my question. What are you using the sentries for? Do you deal damage to them?

Im using them for a Five Naf (copyright) map

Ok, so the sentries are bonnie and crew, right? (Sorry, I don’t know much about fnaf)

yep thats right just that is the problem

Ok, so the point is that they shoot at you? And do you shoot back, or is there no way to damage them?

Kinda already said that. But I am just making sure that they don’t damage the sentry.

No they’re not supposed to shoot back