I Need Help With A Protect The Sentry Map

I Need Help With A Protect The Sentry Map. I need to find a way to broadcast how much health is left until the sentry dies.

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There is no way to track health currently.
You could however use fractions and when a sentry dies, it sends a notification of the current health-fraction and activates the next-fraction sentry.


(Sentry 1 with 100 health) Sentry Knocked Out > Send Notification (input: 1/5 of boss health)

(Sentry 1 with 100 health) Sentry Knocked Out >  (Sentry 2 with 100 health) Activate Sentry

And then just repeat that

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Another Thing I might want to add is that I used a box on top of the sentry so it cannot shoot anyone. I have it set up so if the box is destroyed, the game ends.

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You could just make it the certain team the protector is on (if there are other people trying to kill the sentry)

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But I don’t Want It To Shoot The Other Team Because The Sentry Is To OP.

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Then you could just give it a zapper/quantum portal and make the fire rate and accuracy the lowest?
What’s the point of making the sentry op if you don’t want it to target anyone (no offense)

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You could use hitting props instead of the sentry! Combine that with psudeo health!

What would you need the psuedo-health for though?

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To display the health!

Is there something I can help with, or is this solved?

How would you track the sentry health though to display it on an overlay.
This might’ve been able to be done using a Zone → Checker (can be item/property) → (Game Overlay) Run Wire Pulse Block
Back when sentry-device interactions were possible.

Oh I meant like 3 stages like a bar, High low and medium, not exact health

Yeah, that makes more sense.

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Hm, this is pretty interesting. I don’t think you can track the specific health, but you can track when it gets knocked out.

Another idea: you could use a prop? Whenever it gets damaged, it lightens. You could use that instead?