How to make a game where you "protect a sentry" (2/10 or 🟩)

What you need
1 x sentry
1 x vending machine
1 x counter
1 - 3 x barriers (any type)

To start, place down the vending machine. and make it transmit on a channel. Call the channel “Upgrade” You may make the currency anything. I also picked an icon from gimkit’s allowed icons.

Now add the sentry, make it on the team that the players are on, for this game they will be on team 1, so I chose team 1! Now add the barriers around the Sentry, make the scope’s settings global, and make the NON visible at the start of the game, and make them destroyable with however many health you need.
Now add the counter, make it non visible to players, and it’s target value 1. Make it be incremented when receiving on channel “Upgrade” now, wire the counter to the all of the barriers, it should be
Target value reached ---------- Show prop
Now when players purchase the upgrade, it adds more protection. Duplicate it for the other side!
OPTIONAL: To make more barriers to protect, simply add more counters, each with a target value of +1 of the previous counter, and wire them to the new barriers!
OPTIONAL 2: You can duplicate it so that there will be 2 teams, the Sentry should be on team 2 now, and you may add a barrier, and a trigger, and a lifecycle. Make the trigger delay ___ seconds, that is how long the timer will be, make the trigger non available by collision, and non visible, next wire the Lifecycle to the trigger, so that when the game starts the trigger triggers, and wire it to the barrier so that when the trigger is triggered, it deactivates!
Let me know how I did, i’m sorry, its my first post!


Welcome to the forum, and great first guide! I like that you added optional parts. The first word of optional part 2 is uncapitalized unlike the first word of optional part 1, so you might want to fix that.


Thanks, also realized I forgot to rate it lol, thanks for the like and tip!

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nice guide!

try using more line breaks after each paragraph to make it look better, like this

this is a paragraph

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(why does it cost 69???)

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Yeah I should have, I just forgot for some reason, also nice Pfp!

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Nice job! This is a good idea!

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