I Need Help with a Dodgeball Game (Read Desc)

So basically, I am trying to make dodgeball game and I made a little hub where you spawn in and eventually I’ll make mini games while you wait for the host to start. Anyways, so I want everyone to spawn in the hub instead of the actual map and then I want them to press a button to go into one of the sides, blue or red. Nothing is working… please help

Button pressed (Button)--> Teleport Player Here (Teleporter)

And for the randomizer:

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Sadly, devices don’t work in pre-game and you won’t be able to interact with them. :slightly_frowning_face:
Some devices like the Trigger and Teleporter still have animations when you interact with them with collision on (and you can teleport through the teleporter) but the teleporter will not run a wire pulse if it’s connected to a device.

For this part, you could use a spawn pad set to pre-game.


I’m wondering how I can get people to spawn in the hub at the start of the game not pre-game

Set the Spawn Pad phase to “game.”

ok but how do I make it for them to ONLY spawn at the hub until they press the button to hop into the game?

Try what I said.

how do i do that? going into wires and editing or editing the button or the teleoprter

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You can’t post codes here. Sorry. Please remove it.


Yeah, I not much help here but I thought of the Randomizer idea as well. Hope you can figure it out.

I do have a Dodgeball Game too called Ultimate Dodgeball on Gimkit Discovery…

Oh my bad I didnt know lol