I need help with a character

Screenshot 2024-05-16 5.49.46 PM

So the character above is a new (Possible) character for my game. It would have an epic pickaxe and it would have 25 stone. I need help with a name (It’s based off of Steve from Super Smash Bros if you didn’t know) and if you think it would be a good enough character

JERRY :smiley:

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@Oso567 I❤THAT!!!

John because since Steve is a generic American name, so is john.

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Nice, I like that too!

We meat again, Don’t we, Super battle bros? Last time we met you were asking for help with team knockouts, so I shall properly introduce ourselves, I am a member of Fast Productions, one of the first Gimkit development teams on the forums, just like you we are actively developing Gimkit games. Name for your character: jeff

I love how all our names start with a J. Jerry, John, and Jeff.

Yeah, I never realized that all the names that we are giving started with J

Time to break the pattern: Guy with facial hair that loves grass unlike me.

fr name

jk! but here’s my real idea:
Dude who hurts his fists to break wood and abuses any and all animals.


fine, fine. frfrfr: Jack in the Blocks
(i couldn’t be the J party p00per)

If I find a J party poper, I will be furious at them


Hope that never happens

What about Jaspier?

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Wait. I got the best idea. We should name it Jeve, like Steve, but with a J instead of a st.

So the names so far is Jerry, John, Jeff, Jack, Jaspier, and Jeve.

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I’ve got a second one: Jeffrey

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I’m breaking the streak, what about bob?

how about Mr. Hatch lol! :rofl: :rofl:
(mr. hatch is an inside joke with me and my friends)

My inside joke name is pickle! NAME IT PICKLE

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or Felix. that’s another inside joke.

Mr. Hatch
Zwayne Anchantoplekuble (whew)
The Yeti Hunter
The Gapester

if you were wondering

all of these are inside joke names with my friends lol (so much)

are any of these gonna make it lol?