I need help with a character

Fun Fact: In Super Smash Bros, Sakurai has code names for each character. For example: Min Min is Tan Tan which is TanTan Ramen Noodles. While Steve is Pickel, which means Ice Picks in Japanese.

What about Johan? Sounds like a fitting name.

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@KrishnaVA ? Are you gonna be furious at them?

Yes. I am.

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Uh oh…
Someone’s gonna get oofed

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what do you mean?

Nevermind, forget it

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I’m running out of likes lol.

Ha ha… Lol
Lol lol lmao

@Commando , @PokeFan , @wait.what.626Youtube , you have broken our streak of J names. PREPARE TO FEEL MY AND @KrishnaVA 's WRATH!

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Wait… Jeff and Jeffrey aren’t J names?


New Name: Juke as in Jukebox

nvm. you will be spared. ANYWAY, OFF TO WAR!

Thank you, If you need artillery than ping me

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I would like to order 1 kaiser wilhelm unaliving machine (G-U-N)

Hmm… 1 Howitzer, got it

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m13thecreator got suspended for talking about g*n violence

Yeah, definitely not funny, especially for me. FYI, I have a new name, Vincent or Leonardo. BEST NAMES EVER! (they are actually my best friends :hugs:)

I personally think he should be called Hubert. It’s different, and unique!
for @Marcuz_SBB_Dev