I need help with a alarm thing

I need help making a alarm. So I created a clock and it is a counter and I want to know if there is a way to make it so that when the counter reaches it target number it makes a noise.

What a coincidence… the same time this guide got out:

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Oops my bad didn’t realized the sound part…

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I have checked that out it is a barrier alarm that is just a alarm clock no sound

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Hmm. You could make it so when it reaches the target, it attempts to purchase a free vending machine. Then it would make a noise!


oh yeah is there anything else that makes noise maybe a creepy noise or breaking if not that will work?

Maybe this will help?

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okay I’ll check that out

I don’t know. I think the checkpoint or vending machine is the closest you will get to any noise.

O_O FNAF game I’m guessing and I’m pretty sure that’s not possible but scratch the last part
I don’t want to get its not impossibled again

okay no its not a fnaf game im helping legobuilder with a vent mechanism and I needed a creepy sound but the vending maachine idea will work

Hey… I’m gonna make that too. Sounds like a great idea. YOINK!

(gasps) Not the yoinks!

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Don’t worry, you got credited! :smile:

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