I need help tracking a player with a waypoint (x2)

I made an earlier post but accidentally clicked solution and now I’m making another post.

demo hitobito wa sudeni kaiketsusaku o oshiete kuremashita

I’m not sure if that can be done

it is most DEFINITELY possible lol

I’m gonna mess around with stuff and see how you can do it then

in the previous topic he was talking about, people already gave him a solution. i dont get what he doesn’t get?

I found out how, It’s pretty obvious

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But does it work? I’m not sure if waypoints are still semibroken or not.

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@KittenK you should probably look at this topic first:

I don’t think it works. I tried basically everything. The thing I’m leaning on is a trigger activating the waypoint that follows that player.

which people have already told you…

Oh, wait. I remember that post. NOTHING WORKED!!!

But I will find a way in the 9 1/2 days ofschool!

:0 oh, wait. This is bad. I’m gonna lose five dollars.

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What is that? I only speak english.

totally forgot you had a bet or something

lucky duck. I get outta school in mid June

Guess it doesn’t, knockouts being broken and now this

https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/t/player-tracking-radar/1794/13?u=_unknown_2024 Try this maybe. Don’t know if it works.

that will only track whoever pressed the button for a limited amount of time. there are so many things that don’t work in tehebest’s case

The build that I was describing will actually track (if I’m not mistaken) the last person to join the game.

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