I NEED HELP! Please!

I need to finish my game and i’m getting really desperate but how do you make it so that the last team standing wins without needing a specific amount of players and not being extremely complicated

reposting… is against the rules yk.

Wat? Also you could change the title to what you need help with, it makes the topic clearer instead of having people heading into the topic for a mystery question.

so let me get this straight.
pvp game, only 1 life, and last team standing?
please clarify the gamemode I don’t think I understand

its bedwars…

oh I didn’t know just don’t respond

I said I would get back within a day or 2…

so do you need help or not?
if so, where is the topic that you posted before?
please paste the link

I said I would get back within a day or 2… patience is key!

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