I need help on what I should add to my bedwars map

What should I add into my bedwars map that does not use repeaters because I have used up the rest of my repeaters on my Cookie Clicker and its auto clicker

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What do you currently have on your map?

Also, use trigger loops instead of repeaters then?

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add a side quest? at the beginning of the game one random team has a KING SIZED bed, if you find that team and get that bed then everyone on your team gets a weapon upgrade!

Honestly That kind of puts a target on that team, but that’s the fun of it

I have 4 beds and when you destroy the beds and then kill them they are spectators I have a Cookie Clicker look at it above a really big pre-game area, a I have 4 buttons for each team to where if you press the button you will attempt to buy x2 things here’s a picture
Screenshot 2024-03-24 8.55.24 AM

Screenshot 2024-03-24 8.55.49 AM

for every single team

the middle one is to buy walls around your team’s bed

and I did’nt feel like going to canva to put a black rectangle on the code

I have made a bedwars map infact. Firstly, dont make it too complicated. JUst put down the basics of bedwars. Beds, a way to put defense on your bed, weapons, a way to unlock better weaopons and stuff using dimmonds.