How to make a Cookie Clicker in GKC [🟨] or 5/10

So for the Cookie Clicker here are the devices your gonna need

The things you will need
  1. Counter

  2. Button

  3. Item Granter

  4. Vending Machine

  5. Repeater

The Clicker Part

So your gonna place a button down and a counter down… now if you want to do things like upgrades and stuff I will explain that too but for now you just have to hook up the button and the counter like this

and then hook it up to an item granter that gives you 1 brown seed (or whatever your using) per button click

Making the Cookie

Then name the button something like “Bake a cookie” so then we have to do the cookie part so for the cookie part I used a big circle barrier that is light brown and some smaller circle barriers (I made them as small as I can) and also remove the borders on the barriers and also put them at 1.00 transparency so then it will look like this so far

Making the Upgrades

Now for more cookies per click (oh yeah I forgot to mention turn the button interaction duration to instant like this

so as I was saying for the upgrades your going to put 4 vending machines down and also put 4 buttons down and hook all four buttons up to the vending machines like this

Then put 4 repeaters down and hook the repeater to the first vending machine and put the first vending machine to cost 10 brown seeds (or whatever thing your using) and hook it up to the repeater (Item purchased→Start repeater) and then hook the repeater up to an Item granter

Going further into the upgrades

So once you did that you should come out with something like this

so this is what I did for all of my vending machines and buttons and repeaters and item granters

Here are all the pictures on all that I did with the devices

My final result

Well that’s all I hope y’all enjoyed my guide and found it useful


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this is cool, now we have a player fires gadget feature in lifecycles so we can use that. I was thinking of making a cookie clicker game too, because my friend likes cookie clicker.

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