How do you make an anti-cheat system

that’s exactly why I came into the forums is to ask random funny people online

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the true rage


it would also be better if they get punished later on in the game, maybe like right before the finish.

its a bedwars map but I did just add a cookie clicker into it

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oh, maybe make it so it destroys their bed, and give them low health.

you can see it in my forums of making it

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good guide, you can also add an auto clicker upgrade.

umm sure for what amount of cookies though

People plotting for Gimkit creative anti cheating measures I see… This makes me glad I don’t cheat.

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that’s another upgrade you can make. :slight_smile: amount of cookies per click.

/punishing cheaters with trolls, my favorite. :slight_smile:

I literally did its in my guide

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or you can make a button that makes an explosion!!!
How to make an Explosion in Gimkit (:orange_square:)

I’m at 90% memory usage on my map

I’ll try

here’s a clip of it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
(I love it)
after it, you just end game!

how did you post a clip

how to post a screen record, or how to post a clip in general?