How do you make an anti-cheat system

How do you make an anti-cheat system so when someone finds an exploit the game ends

First, based off of what I know in order to stop people from exploiting you would first have to know the exploit. Second I have never seen hacks used in game but they probably exist.

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Yeah I don’t think that would work. Unless you knew the exploit beforehand, you couldn’t make it that way. so what LeviOsa said.

This is a bit tricky to do.

Why do you need this in the first place though? If they exploited, then oh well. You can’t really anti cheat. You could maybe make it so that if they have too much of an item then they end the game, but thats really it.

maybe put a zone around a place a player shouldn’t be, and then wire it to an end game.
(used for no clipping exploit)

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But if the place your not suppose to be is outside the confines/border of the map, whats the point? They are just outside, lol. Plus thats a bit hard to manage for real players too.

true, they would be just running around in an empty void of nothingness. maybe you can use troll buttons to have some fun. ex. button wired to teleporter, teleports you to a room and makes you press a button a bunch of times until you can finally get out.

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hehehehe I really like the way you think

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nah make a zone where if they go i nthere when they aren’t supposed to, they have a button in front of them, “Oh, the anti cheat messed up, go back?” Then, give them a jumpscare lol then end the game. (funni ahhgagah)

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is your game singleplayer¿¿ because if so you dont need anticheat

That would be SO GOOD!! XD

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That would be so funny.

True punishment is needed for their filthy behavior of cheating in a gimkit game. Out of all games, they chose gimkit. And they also chose the wrong game to cheat in.

oh! or they get teleported to a room with a bunch of sentry’s, and it activates a checkpoint so they are there forever!

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Anyways, ima go now.

gonna play fortnite roblox lolol

I absolutely demolish the kids in there… lol.

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that’s exactly why I came into the forums is to ask random funny people online

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the true rage


it would also be better if they get punished later on in the game, maybe like right before the finish.

its a bedwars map but I did just add a cookie clicker into it

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oh, maybe make it so it destroys their bed, and give them low health.

you can see it in my forums of making it

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