I need help on smth again

How do i make a thing so you can plant and farm like in farmchain?

not possible yet, but how I did it was I just made a button that checked if you have a seed, then activated a trigger that waited 10 seconds and gave you an item after the 10 seconds.

Right now, it isn’t out yet. We need to wait until that’s out.

Oh alright then any other ideas for a map? I was gonna do farmchain but ig not lol

Um, It’s actually possible. Just get a prop for every type of plant and put it on all the spaces that you could plant on, then just activate it once you plant it. Like a zone with a popup that triggers when you get close to the crop space. and for the time check you can either use an overlay and a timer device using a repeater, counter, and trigger. Or you can do the same thing with a special UI design you made yourself. like a bar that shows you the progress of your plant when you get close to it. I just realized this might seem complicated. But it’s possible, I see multiple people scrap their projects due to misinformation and that’s just sad. - TUX Gimkit discord veteran, and creator of PoGIMon.

Thank you so much lol

@Razer It's not impossible
this is actually true see tux’s reply

Can anyone explain it in a simpler way please??

Welcome to the forums! We’ve been having a lot of people getting flagged recently, so to avoid that happening to you, you should probably read the guidelines and stuff like that. I know how to do it, it would just be pretty hard to explain, sorry.

Just use a crafting table and a crafting recipe now that those have been added.

Welcome to the forums! This post is SUPER OLD. It was made in June 2023. Now, you can use the crafting table.

How do I use the crafting table? Like, to plant a wheat seed for example