I need help on a zone thing

Could someone give me an idea for the following:
I need a zone so that after the upcount reaches a certain number, like 25, that zone is “captured” by that team.

just use a barrier . when the count reach the number make the battier activate and make sure in the leader board it tracks the number of captures with a tracked item. if its only one time capture this works. if more than dont use barrier jst use a tracked item and the zone and counter

lol i mispelled sry abbt that one sec

Maybe when the player enters the zone it triggers a trigger loop (a better repeater) and that increaments a counter and when the counter hits 25 a green barrier goes on top of the zone and a notification says smth like “Point A captured!”

both our ideas can work i think. ig

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I’ll look into this. Thanks for the suggestion, @Magenta_Dragon!

I know someone invented the trigger loop, but do you know any simplified way of how to make this loop?

You could use a repeater also.

Er, but I already have like 5 on my map, so yeah.

Found it. I think.


Yah, this is the one. I’ll take a look and I’ll mark a solution if need be. Thanks!


trigger sends and receives on same channel

that’s all you need

I’ve also got a guide. I feel that it goes over how to use a trigger loop a little better.

Er, I think I’m taking a look at @Magenta_Dragon’s one. Thanks for the suggestion though!


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