I need help on a when 1 player is left end game

So I’m making a battle royal game and I need it to when there is only one player left end game.

Use a live player counter and when it equals one wire it to an end game device

Do I use a relay or what to set the counter

When the relay ups the counter the counter thinks there’s only 1 person left so it ends game

Isn’t that what you want?

No because when I start the game the game ends

That’s because there’s only one person (you) playing the map. open up another tab and go into the game for that to be gone.

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Nope tried it multiple times


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oh sorry for the misunderstanding

It’s fine but anyone have a solution?

did ya try the guide above?

Use this @leahciM

Look pls read

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Then make the counter think there’s 0 players left, or two, depending on said situation

btw i did read it it is the same thing you already posted