I need help on a fashion-show game pls help

it is a fashion show and thats it.


  • You can give players the option to select different outfits. :pinching_hand:
  • If you want, before the game, have them change their skin to their most impressive one and start the game when they are ready. :+1:
  • When the game starts, one person is randomly selected to walk down the red carpet. They stop and present their clothing/skin. :womans_clothes:
  • Players whose turn it isn’t vote 1-5 on their outfits. You can use buttons linked to a counter which would update a property called VotingStars. :sparkles:
  • When voting is over, [optional with a thirty second showcase] it teleports the player who showcased to the voting section. This repeats until everyone receives a chance to showcase. :video_camera:
  • Whoever has the most of the property VotingStars wins the game! Start over the game and make sure the host knows they don’t use the same skins over and over again! [Do this with a host notification] :bell:

Also, here are some guides that may help:


Set a rando player to have a quantum portal, and once everyone chooses their skin, start the round. The random player eliminates two player each round. ends the game and starts a new round.

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