I need help making Warehouse things

I am making a warehouse for my Cops And Robber Tag, But I Need Ideas/Things To Add
What I Need Help With Most:
Filling Up The Giant Empty Spaces
What I Have So Far:

That Is All For The Big Spaces. I Have The Small Spaces Covered

Link, To See The Layout. Link

Giant empty spaces inside the box things, or giant empty spaces around the map?

Around The Map
The Inside Of The Boxes Cannot Be Accessed

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So cops and robbers tag.

Is that the floor that you are going to use?

Dollar Bills /////////


I gtg, ill get back to you later.

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may you please add gold.


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YEAH! thank you.

In What Form Though (Coins, Bars, etc.), And How?

bars or fish. but you can do whatever you want if you dont want to do that.

Any Other Ideas?
(How Would I Make Bars?)

the flags could work.

if you have any empty hallways, add a carpet using a barrier. add a forklift and lots of shelves. maybe add product things like sinks or sand bags since its a warehouse. im thinking abt the inside of a home depot rn for ideas.

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Add trash cans around the map, and some vents (for detail, or you can make it so that you can accaully go into the vents)

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after walking around the map i can feel the lacking in just random stuff lying on the ground, can you put water or moss on the ground, is there a room where it is a computer/server room

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I like the idea of a computer/server room, I will have to make that. I have been meaning to put down moss/dirt everywhere, but haven’t had a chance to yet

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Uh–why did you share the link?
You know you can’t do that here, right?
If someone wants to see, you can share it on the WIX or on your own padlet or something…