I need help making Warehouse things

Wix is blocked, padlet is blocked, and it isn’t a code, it is so they can see what it looks like so they can give more helpful ideas.

You can’t post links either, though.

(Just for proof…)


Well I don’t want people saying to add something that doesn’t even go with the map, or fit in the map.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 093928
a live tv recording area

i also find it really easy to get lost it took me awhile to find your build because i got lost to the left side of the map so maybe a little more zoom out or faster speed to move around

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I know what else to add! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2: You can add like spiders, and metal poles in some places for like a creepy look, but if you want more casual, potted plants, and things like that are nice :slight_smile:

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Ohhh! Like A Ruined Room That Has Been Destoyed!

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Oooh YASS And, if you add an emoji, the fire one :fire: if you want it to look burnt, or like, burning. ( I usually change the colour of bushes, but I don’t think that one is the best option. :thinking: )

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oh ya i destoryed room thats a good idea and maybe you can insert lore into the game i see plently of places to drop it like the server rooms/computer the destroyed room or the pile of boxes can hide some

Oh ya you can use the computer prop in like a secret room, and make them click a button, make it seem like you are turning on a computer, and put the lore there. Make sure that the button is not visible in game. :star2: