I need help making vhs tapes on my projet playtime game

please help me!!!

insert emojis in text that might work

How to Make Animation | Difficulty: :orange_square:
Do this.

Screenshot 2024-04-04 5.20.55 PM

oh he ment like videos on vhs

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i want it to be like if yo ollet vhs and go by a tv a instert it it says something

Huh? Whats that?

(Searched it on google, nothing came up)

sorry some of my keys stop working at times i meant to say i want it to be like if you collect the vhs(a colored barrier)you can press a button that shows a bit of the game lore

You can use a vending machine that requires an item that is your VHS. You collect the item/VHS by going onto the VHS prop you’re using and use a zone wired to an item granter. Then you have a TV/vending machine that requires the item/VHS wired to a popup. When you pay the VHS (or however you want to call it) and a customized popup appears with lore. Hopefully this helped you!