I need help making a working shop for my blox fruits game

i need help on making a custom shop like in blox fruits where once you have enough money it wil give you the item, and if you don’t have enough (like you need 25 cash but you have 20 cash) it will say that you don’t have enough money to buy the item. Im making a blox fruits game “Gim-fruits” and it is pretty popular and this system working can make my game work nicer. Please help me make this system! :smiley:

How to make a Market Stand in Gimkit

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i can help with this
Popup shop : place a checker and it fails show notification saying “you dont have enough cash?”

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okay i can try and make that

wait how can i make that?

wait i just figured ou how to fix it @Quimblo you don’t need to reply

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