I need help making a Thumbnail

Can you make an escape room Thumbnail? I’m going to release my Gimkit soon and some people are expecting a great Thumbnail.

I can try to make one.

Do you want any gims in particular, and what is the name of the game?


Yooo I just changed my pfp to that.

if you know its off topic then either restate it to sound not off topic or dont write it

Alright I finished:

I think it is technically copyright to steal that escape room logo and it technically would not be original

sorry if that sounds rude

If She is fine I am going to pinge @Kat_aronii into this

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Alright, I can change it, but dont a lot of people use pictures from google to make thumbnails?

no They dont

I have been summoned.

to ask for more details.

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alright, I’m changing it.

Here’s the updated version:

I kind of don’t think that’s what I’m looking for. I kind of want something drawn. Plus there are two teams so I think it could be like two guards and two prisoners.

If you can make a great Thumbnail then you can get lots of credit when it comes out.

they do and all of those maps can be taken down
logos and whatnot is copyright

as kat_aronii said
can we have more details?

Man I’ve heard all about this kat_aronii but I honestly don’t know who they are.

she’s a thumbnail artist here on the forums one of the first few

OK How good is she? I would like to see some of her work.

I’m not that much of an artist and I’ve only been designing pokemon cards and Minecraft skins. It’s kind of a hobby