I need help Making a sparkle loop

can any of you guys get ideas with this design?

just a loop animation?

yeah to where it disappears, then reappears at least less than a second

anything specific? or just getting it to work?

this is the only thing specific

oh wait now I know what you mean. just getting it to work (I had no experience with repeaters)

here, for design help, check this guide. its all about patterns, and a sparkle pattern is one of them!
also, this seems like a big hassle for making one sparkle animation. this is only a suggestion, but maybe try doing this instead?


these are good but think of it like a light that guides you. I’m using this light for my shadow creature game.

ah, i see. that sounds like a cool idea!

if you wanna make a loop animation, wire the lifecycle to a wire repeater and wire the wire repeater to another wire repeater until you reach the end
wire the end wire repeater to the first wire repeater
but if you want a delay to start the anim after it ends, just add another wire repeater after the last one (wire the second to last one to the current last one)

oki thanks. when im ready to get back onto gimkit ill try, and if it works you’ll be marked as solution.

Hey @GrimReaper7 can you make a game that i can play with you

sure once i finish the game ill publish it

but I’ll give you an early access

kk when your done just give me the code and ill j o i n

oki I’m almost done with the game but I did put cones with a text saying coming soon.

just for later on in the game.

joining lol ill be in sec

Hoi, no codes allowed put codes on the wix or padlet


okay i apologize for that

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