I Need Help Making A Queuing system

So I’m Making Pac-Man And I need help figuring out how to Queue Up the Power Pellets so that if one pellet is collected, if another one gets collected while the other one is still active it increases the active timer of the pellet

i’ll look at replies later, i need to go to my math class rn

but im pretty sure it doesnt increase in the game
the timer i mean

use this guide and increment the timer when another pellet is collected

but im pretty sure it doesnt work like that in game

he said timer… if that doesn’t work then I need a better explanation

my point still stands
if i am correct, then the game splatter is making will be inacurate


I’M A BOY >:(

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oh oops my bad. I’m sleepy lol

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can i make it how i want to? :expressionless:

im just putting out just in case you care about how the game works exactly
oh wait it was just mewing haha my bad

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i do not care, this is just a fun lil thing for me and my friends

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ok so are you not gonna make the 3 lives or the fruits(and others) that occasionally pop up?

I Have The Lives System Already Down, and i Might add the fruits

the timer is gonna be for 30 seconds because when you lose all your lives, you become a ghost and 10 seconds when there are 7 ghosts, …yeah

cool :slight_smile:
so are you making the points too?
i mean it might be hard to do so understandable if no
WAIT WHAT 7 ghosts?

are we still taking about the queue system thing

it’s not gonna start with 7 ghosts

just if 6 people become ghosts it’s gonna start with 1

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