I need help making a map

I want to make a map like Duo Showdown in Brawl Stars (for anyone who doesn’t play Brawl Stars, it is a mode where there are 5 teams of 2 and they fight each other). I want to include things like choosing a brawler (basically a type of character, for example, a sniper) and adding boxes that when you break them, they increase your damage and your health. (If anyone wants to help me in-game I can email the code).

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You could make it so if you choose a sniper, for exaple, you get a ledgenary quantam portal and use lasers to remove some of their health when they spawn. (because snipers often have less HP than most other classes.)

Sure, also you can use the wixsite:

to share codes. I only have about 10 min though.

That is a good idea! I also wanted to make one where if someone gets hit by their weapon, they get slowed for a few seconds, is that possible with speed modifiers?

could you use email since I am on school Chromebook and it’s blocked?

Sadly, you can’t easily track hits yet.

No, you can’t track hits, only kills


email in just a sec

@Mr.Tomato What is your email?

*suggests not sharing email due to flag risk

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oopsie ur right

Cassius where does it say that you can’t share email?

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Nowhere. But it is off-topic, and also sharing personal information is not the best idea for privacy.

I don’t think it says it anywhere but it is still not really a good idea because of the reason they gave

Alright that makes sense.

Can someone send me their email so I can email them? - Devices - Gimkit Creative
See this other post.

Now lets get back on topic

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For breaking boxes to increase damage, I think you might have to use a property and have a code block that will run on channel of get property (the damage property) and have a few damage boosts that are set up like 1x, 2x, 3x, and have their activate boost when receiving on channel of their number. A bit complicated but should work.

Could anyone help with how to make teams of 2, like is there a setting for it because I can’t find one