I need help making a map

Go to the settings wheel in the bottom right, then click game options, then teams tab, then set teams to amount, then make amount 2.

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ohhhh thank u! (I ran out of likes but I would like it)

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I’ll like it for you.

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Does anyone have more ideas I could add that are in duo showdown in brawl stars?

No, sorry.

It is fine

Maybe some bombs teams can choose to drop at specific locations?

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Could you give a simple explanation on it?

But use Overlays and Popups that trigger/activate triggers.

Do you know how to get past the CTA limit?
If not, I can explain it to you.

Oh I have an idea but idk how to make it, in the game, there is grass that if you go into it, no one can see you except if they are like 2 tiles away, is there anyway to make that?

I don’t even know what CTA is so yes please

Using Coordinate Systems and some Barriers for shadows, use @Magenta_Dragon’s Shadows guide.
(You might not need Coordinate Systems, maybe just zones)

by shadows, do you mean the grass?

Oh, you can make a bush that teleports you in another bush room but if a player goes 2 tiles to it it shows a text that “____ is here”

I’m assuming you know how to do the blockcode.

I was thinking I would have a bunch of zones in the grass and if someone is in one zone, while someone else in the zone next to it, it would say ___ is here

Yes, you can also make the bush move using animation when a player is in it to indicate a player in it.

So basically, I would make it so when someone is in a zone, and someone is in a zone next to that zone, it would show a prop thing to indicate someone is there, and when they leave that zone, the prop hides?

Wait could you explain how to make a bush animation?