I need help making a decision about something

SO, im making a mario map right, and its on the basic creative thingy you know? and ive been debating getting the thing that lets you get dont look down early in creative. and i was wondering if some one who had it if its worth it, the things i would need rn is
-some way to make a keycard
-text to make the different mario blocks
-and pretty much the normal stuff thats in normal gimkit creative.

This guide might help for some art stuff.


thank you! wanna see the finnished map after its done?


As long as you avoid saying the game’s name and advertising it, sure

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just wondering, do you have any ideas for making like question blocks and simmular stuff

I would take some screenshots but the servers are down right now.

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Yeah i was bout to work on my map and its down :confused:

@THEHACKER120 the servers are back on

This is what im using currently

Maybe try:

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why don’t you just use a barrier? you don’t really need to walk through it or anything.

good idea ill probably play with things untill the final product.

Here’s one I made With a barrier and some text the font is galindo
Edit: If you want you can also add dots in the corners to make it more like an actual one.

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The season ticket is very worth it @RedPandaArtist :smile:

Welcome to the forums @DND_mewing interesting name you choose but I hope you enjoy your stay here. Remember to read the FAQ to learn the rules.


Welcome! Just be sure to stay on topic.

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W bro that look lit ima have to do that instead

Oh yes, thank you!

he is on topic this post was about the season ticket

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do you need to jump into the block?

Also for the way to make a keycard, you could have a crafting bench at the end of each level, or wherever else you want it, and add a crafting recipe for it.