I need help in making a Philosophical quest type game, it’s for school

i have 1 and a half days to complete need help on puzzle gameplay and castle decor

So sorry that happened! Yeah, do you need ideas?

@The_7th_Dragon and @Haiasi thanks for the help on amonf us

Guys brb class is over @everyone who is not Bigboy who wants to help talk later


What specifically do you need help on?

need help on puzzle gameplay and castle decor

good night will post tm

morning does anyone know who to make a custom prop?

Try this

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thanks @The_7th_Dragon ttyl at 9


It’s not even close to being finished yet, though.

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@wingwave thanks anyways and good work!

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castle decor should be out, you could do a maze that you have to find parts to build a door to leave the maze, then game ends? But make the maze big and the door parts big in numbers.

ok thanks @WolfTechnology !

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hey man,good luck with the final day and a half you have, @EpicBoy_56!

wait or maybe smth like a choose your adventure game where you can choose different answers and have events trigger or smth

And if you pick the wrong answer, you get knocked out
you could also have a Limited Number Of Lives

I like that, the lobby could have a portal to a maze map, find the prop map, and a one other idea.

o yea thanks guys
thx @Cod_Zombies

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gtg c ya guys later
thanks for the ideas