I need help for fishatopia ticket and others

When I was doing fishatopia 2 I was wondering how you make the tickets, power-ups, better gear, sell stations, consume berries, information on what fish, and catch fish. Question 1, How do you catch random fish? Question 2, How do you get better gear to catch better fish? Question 3, how do you get powers-up? All I know is the speed upgrade. Question 4, Tickets how do you make the tickets? Question 5, sell station how do you sell the fish? Question 6, how do you consume berries like the gimberry? Question 7, Tickets you need tickets to travel on boats.

Wow… that’s a lot. Well I’ll start with answering question one, there is a guide on how to do that:

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Thank you! I will try that

Unfortunately, you can’t get any xp from Creative games, so the berries are impossible unless you want them to do something else.

Okay thanks for telling me because my brain was breaking for the berries.

I will tell you tomorrow if I finish. I am going to work on it today until 12 am and then to 10 am in the morning.

Question 2: You can make a vending machine activate a new fishing system with a higher probability of getting fish

Question 3: Depends on what upgrades you want. There’s already a guide for the No-Wait one. For the cash multiplier, make a vending machine deactivate the vending machines from question 5 and make it activate new vending machines that the wire repeaters are connected to. Those vending machines are not active on game start and give you more cash per fish than the original ones.

Question 4: Connect a vending machine to a button (item purchased → activate.) Make sure the button is inactive on game start. Connect the button to a teleporter (Button pressed → teleport here.) Place the teleporter at the location you want the player to teleport to. Do the same with the button and teleporter so the player can get back.

Question 5: Sell Station

Question 7: Refer to question 4’s answer

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