I need help for a thumbnail for my game!

oh yeah that happened for me too

Cooking with a crafting table
Sitting down at a table to eat

  1. The upload worked despite it saying there was an error.
  2. Void Fluffy, apparently it think the picture is to big, it won’t fit entirely, (I can’t make it any more bigger if you were going to suggest just enlarge it)
  3. @HP7divergent46THG12, I liked your idea for cooking, you will be credited.
  4. Any more ideas?

hmm. I don’t know… anyone else have any ideas?

Yeah, anyone got any good ideas? I think I might have enough, but I’m just looking for more ideas and suggestions. And yes, I know this is off topic, but, I’m drafting, and I don’t think I can make another topic while I’m drafting. You know what? I’ll post it! I think it’s good enough, plus, I think it’s big enough to maybe be considered a guide.