I need Gimkit Mechanic Ideas So I can make a Guide

I will credit whoever gives idea, but what Im asking for is original ideas
Please Help

Look in clay-institute, theory or unresolved.
That might give you some ideas.
Look in Help and look for commonly-asked questions that can turned into a guide.
Make sure there isn’t already a topic on it!

nope none are good sorry

What about kicking the last player to join the game?

whats the point in that?

It’s a fun challenge that not many people know how to do!

how about lightable fire.

hmmm interesting keep it going…

am I suppose to tell you how the mechanic works or just give you ideas

Why would we give you ideas to make a guide?

  1. You don’t have to make a guide every day
  2. If we had an idea, why wouldn’t we just make the guide ourselves?

hmmmm, true dat true dat.

Well for a lightable fire have a button (wether it had requirements or not is up to you) that is invisible and says light fire, and whenver the button is pressed it makes a fire emoji apear on some logs

I made a guide that included how to light a fire, but I guess if you have one for needing an item to light the fire, that would work…

Randomizers on how to play basketball
like random choice when you make shots…further more chance of it missing closer more chance of it making but those randomizer connect to two others one for making it one for missing it.
here are some ideas for how it misses or makes it in

  1. right in
  2. Hits rim
  3. Backboard
  4. Spins around rim
  1. too far right
  2. too far left
  3. to high
  4. to low
  5. does not make it
  6. falls short
  7. goes to far
  8. just slips out of hand
  9. Spins around rim and falls

use these mechanics to make wii sports baseball! that I would love to see

The thing is that it would not be skill based and more rng based so maybe give it some control.