I need an art thumbnail for my new gk game (post here!)

So, the game I’m making is like FNaF, but gimkit. Im thinking of naming it Five Seconds at Gims. I need a thumbnail for the game (because Im busy with my animation) Post em here. TY!

it would be best to place it here:

removed ideas and arts tags, those are only for guides

I’m kinda new to the rules ngl

@THEHACKER120 ideas is asking for ideas idea-catalog is for guides

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@Caternaught I know this is off topic but did you draw your little caternaught gim when I hover over your profile

no, @Foxy drew it for me.

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oh my pfp, yes i did :slight_smile:

ok it looks nice so I was just asking

Gosh, I always forget that…