I need a thumbnail for one of my gkc games

wait are u doing a poll?

What font? Builders’ battle part

How to make a Fortnite building system (difficulty 3/10 or🟩)

So three gims but 7 gadgets? are the other ones just lying on the ground?

My finished product:

not my best but sure took a ton of effort
I could put a different name in the background if you don’t like that one

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yea probably

no you choose which one you want before the game starts

I was talking about the art, but anyway what do you think about the thumbnail?

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its really good! I will make a poll tmrw prob so we will see what people think of it

I’ll give it a try don’t expect me to finish anytime soon tho.
Here is my previous thumbnail


ohh wow ok we will wait for the poll til your done and then we will make the poll

Can i get some more details on what you want? I don’t want to let you down.

It is no where near done but here is my inspiration.


Chompz is battling Merrygreen, while Stache is reloading. In the background there are trees chopped down and the other weapons ready for purchase.
Also when do you need this, because I may not finish till the weekend.

I wasn’t suspended…

Yes you were… oh thats M13

I think I would know if I was suspended.
Yes, that was M13. well deserved.

uhh idk whenever

You are going to draw it, right?

Yes, I just have other more important things do do at the moment.

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Ok. I was just a bit taken aback when I saw the image.
-then I saw the ‘inspiration’ bit, lol
i’m sure it’ll be great, and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

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