I need a thumbnail for one of my gkc games

i like how other people are using the name i made up (or names simliar to it)

Yeah… I’m uncreative, so I used it. Thanks for the name!

oh np
well you were creative enough to create thumbnail!

Here’s my thumbnail.


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nice, but remember no more off-topic : )

I will work soon, but I have a 3 others to do so I can;t really… sorry!

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Void, you’re un-suspended!

i really like this one lol

dangg these are good

this is pretty good but could you make the gims the main ones and like builds out of logs?

specific gadgets they fight with or all?
which gadget for each gim?

Okie making the Gims the main Gims but anyone gots pictures of logs?

Screenshot (51)

Ah, thank you for the pic



all gadgets except snowball launcher
no specific gadget for each gim

alright this looks good!

so i cant publish the map for a little longer since i made it on a new account (i ran out of save slots on my main) so when i can publish it i will shuffle your guys’s thumbnails since i cant choose which to use