I Need A Thumbnail For My New Gimkit Creative Map

Title: The Doomsday Chronicles.

Creator: TechnoTyper.

Thumbnail Details: Setting- Laboratory (Old Looking). Big, Gray Box In The Background With Strange Patterns (Patterns Like:
But In Gray).

Gims: Sketch, Detective Baka, Chompz Costume, And Sentry Robot (No Gadgets Except Sentry Robot Has Zapper).

Actions: Sketch, Detective Bake, And Chompz Costume Running From Sentry Robot Who Is Aiming His Zapper At Them.

Extra: I Really Like Kleki Art Like This One:

And If You Are Good At Making Things Like This I Would Really Appreciate It If You Could Make One For Me. I Also Like Art That Is All One Style (I Also Really Like @VoidFluffy’s Art).

If I Choose Your Thumbnail For My Game You Will Be Put In My Game Credits. Additionally, I Will Advertise And Play One Game Of Your Choice.

i could try making this

Thank You For Helping Out! I Can’t Wait To See What You Make!

Thanks! I should be done in 10-15m!

Okay! I’ll Still Be On By Then

@TechnoTyper, I use Pixlr E, which though is good, does not have the style of thumbnails that Nixxomon and VoidFluffy make.

It’s Okay Pixlr E Is Also Very Good

@TechnoTyper what’s the name of the game?

He says it
“Shadows of Destiny: The Doomsday Chronicles”

here it is:

(not my best lol)
ive made better

I am also going to try making one, give me a minute though

Thank You! I Have To Go Now So I Might See It Late

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Not my best but here. Im really busy so I couldnt put as much effort in or handdraw anything

that’s much better than mine @sythic

I Really Like It! I Will Wait For A Couple More Thumbnails Before I Choose One

Hello. Idk if i should make one but i will try lol

i will make one for you but could you possibly simplify the request so its easier?

nevermind i gotta turn in my school laptop sorry

I may try, but the result won’t be close to the style of Kleki as I use a drawing app called Sketchbook (free woo!) and it might be far from what you want in terms of style, so yeah… that circuit pattern looks HARD so the thumbnail itself should take about an hour but I’m doing something from 8:45-9:45 EST and I don’t have access to the drawing tablet till after 5 so it might be evening or night before I get it done and a couple more minutes to get the picture aligned because on that tablet, I’m not signed in, and if I wanted it to be a file on the device I’m using (my phone) then there would be this thing for about 30 mins because of how Sketchbook is set up.

If y’all don’t wanna read all that up there…

It will take me a while, and it won’t be here before evening/night because of various factors.

I am almost done :slight_smile: yay