I need a thumbnail for my game!

I need a thumbnail for my game!


Game name: Explore Your New Home!

Gims: stache (as the dad) daisy (as the m0m) Solaria (as you or me) cocoa cup or golden cocoa cup (as the brother)

Gim actions: running into the new home

Setting: family outside running towards there new home

Hand-drawn or Photoshop: hand-drawn

if you can make one i would be really grateful!
(when i get the thumbnail im not going to publish my game im just having the thumbnail ready)


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I will work on this after I catch up on my last month’s book assignment

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GimNo0b reporting for duty :saluting_face:

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anyways are you going to be able to make me a thumbnail

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@Chris10 ready to begin the mission!

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yah i just finished the escape one so i will

i’ll do this later i need a break…



I’ll also attempt a thumbnail. It will be done by the end of the EST day. I haven’t done many hand drawn but I’m good at traditional art.

ok @th3_ca1tsune but im going to be offline then so ill just check the replys tomorrow
(im not going offline now im going to be offline 3:00 till tomorrow)

It may be done by then but I’m away from my art supplies. And my process for traditional art takes a long time. But it is possible.

Please don’t do that


oh im sorry @Cellofive i didn’t know we were not aloud to do this

so @Cellofive should i just delete that post?

Please stop pinging me.
And, your choice

ok im sorry once again.

Just a tip: replies already ping the person you are replying to. You can either not mention them or mention them once to bring them to the topic. I have seen the habit of pinging every time, and it’s fine, but may be annoying to the person. Anyways, the thumbnail won’t take long.