I need a thumbnail 4 my spleef

For the thumbnail, I just need something like gims with blasters blasting barrels below their feet and one falling into an endless abyss. The name is Mega Spleef.

(BTW, Thanks for Super Spleef Bros for inspiration, and I don’t mean to copy any maps.)

Nvmd about the beta testers, its not working

Sorry but you cant post codes or advertise on the forums.

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I know now, but I haden’t figured that out. Not like i’m a pro at this.

note for the future art is only for Community Made Guides and wip is no longer used
for now I just removed them myself
this guide is pretty up to date on the tags we use

I understand. thanks!

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wow a new user is actually listening

not sarcasm just doesn’t happen much

BTW, spleef isn’t anyone’s original idea on Gimkit so no need to credit other maps or say you didn’t mean to copy. It simply wasn’t their original idea either :+1:

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I still need a thumbnail tho

Sadly, thumbnail requests aren’t allowed on the forums, as stated by the rules.

Where in the rules does it say THAT?!?


They actually are being flagged. Other people doing it doesn’t mean you can do it.

One of the first topics says here:

Do thumbnails not have to do with building? Cuz you need them to post

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While thumbnails requests might be thought to be needed they are actually going against the rules.
If you need a thumbnail, do you not have to share the name of your game?
Also read:Hypocrisy on the Forums

Ok. I’ll delete this in a sec

they could just leave a blank spot were you could put the name

Um. How do you deled posts?

You can’t once people have replied
the best is to mark a solution
Np @Metro81

This has been said before. Take this: