I need a custom museum-curator Gim

I need you to make a custom museum-curator Gim. I want it to look like the following:

  • A lab coat.
  • A light blue version of the Echo hat.
  • A name-tag that doesn’t day anything - just has scribbles on it.
  • I want the color of the Gim to be the same color as this skin:

I’d prefer something by a pro like @VoidFluffy or @Kat_aronii, but I’ll take anything, I guess. :smile:

I’ve been called!
I’ll work on this as soon as I can!

Okay, thanks, @VoidFluffy! :smile:

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Though I’m not called, may I try? It may be a little messy the first post, but I can clean it up for a final product.

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Okay, @th3_ca1tsune! I guess I have a contest: whoever makes the best end result wins! :smile:

I tried to do one
(he looks more of a scientist than curator lol)

this is charl. a unorganized dude who is a very hard-working gim!

Ooh, cool! I’m gonna wait until @VoidFluffy and @th3_ca1tsune submit theirs, but I might choose yours. :smile:

1 bit of feedback: could you make the legs look cleaner? :thinking:

oop I closed out of the tab already…
I tried, but my finger went too stiff lol

LOL :sweat_smile: No problem. Can u guess what I need this for? :smile:

legacies of gimkit?
I dunno

Yeah! :smile:


I wanna get a packet of skins made for it and maybe getting Gimkit’s devs to agree to make them real skins for the game. Is that possible, though? :sweat_smile:

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Very possibly. It would be interesting… maybe have a gimkit art contest every once in a while (not to be confused with the Gimkit Awards)

Pulls out a Gim Template out of Google
Here is something we can all use to make our lives easier:

Old one removed because of background

Interesting idea. :sweat_smile:


Maybe if they made an event where artists could submit 1 custom skin and the community could vote on which 10ish to have the mods sell? :thinking:

Back on-topic, please. The only reason to reply is to submit a custom skin. :smile:

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